How to buy

Nomisma Acquistare

Nomisma is a company which helps collectors wishing to increase their collections with coins of every price range.

First of all Nomisma is an auction house. As a rule, every year we organize two room auctions both online and at the presence of the public.

These events take place in spring and autumn. Also, we arrange approximately one online sale per month. Buying in these auctions is very easy: just follow the Nomisma website and you will be updated on all current sales. By registering, you can make offers on the desired coins which you will then receive directly and easily at home.

Moreover, during our events it is possible to buy particular coins. If you are looking for a particular and important coin, Nomisma will indicate from time to time what it has managed to find and, without obligation, will be able to offer it for direct sale to the collector.