Nomisma libri

Nomisma is primarily the publisher of many numismatic books and the magazine Panorama Numismatico, which has been published since 1984.

Our company has also a consolidated tradition in the sale of books and numismatic editions of value, both its own and belonging to other publishers. You can find the current stock on our online shop, established in 2009.

Numismatic books at auction

Since 1993, alongside coins and medals, we have often included rare numismatic volumes and auctions catalogues, which have always been a source of interest for scholars, operators and enthusiasts.

Fine books at auction

In addition to numismatic books, we also provide ancient volumes in general, art books and valuable editions.

If you think that your items might be of some historical and editorial value, don’t hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to advise you on their evaluation and selling options.