Nomisma Numismatica

Since 1993, Nomisma has been organizing auctions with coins and medals from all eras and everything related to numismatic collecting, including books.

Over the years, thousands of collectors have turned to Nomisma in order to sell what they have collected or simply some duplicates. Thanks to our company, these coins had the possibility to enrich large and small collections.

Our auction catalogues, now up to 63, are a fundamental series for libraries specialized in numismatics, while our prices realized represent an essential reference point for the market. Collectors can also enjoy consulting our full color hardcover catalogues, professionally paginated with numerous enlargements.

We deal with every numismatic field, but our strengths are represented by Italian coins, especially those belonging to the Italian Kingdom. Many top prices have been achieved in our auctions thanks to a widespread presence on all the specialized sales channels in the world.

At a time when the numismatic market is undergoing strong evolution and, above all, has become truly global and globalized, turning to companies with experience is necessary. That’s why Nomisma can help the small as well as the great collector either when he intends to sell or buy.

Auctioning has become the most popular way in the market for important and high-quality coins.

However, putting items at auction is not just about selling to the highest bidder: it also means offering targeted service and advice both to those who sell and buy.

On one side, sellers certainly want to achieve the maximum result, and our career is dotted with record prices realized in many numismatic fields, particularly Italian Mints and the Italian Kingdom.

On the other, buyers are ready to pay maximum market prices. However, in order to do this they require the reliability that only a specialized auction house like Nomisma can offer.

To use a numismatic comparison, we can say that these aspects are two sides of the same medal.