Studi di numismatica marchigiana. Camerino

Studi di Numismatica Marchigiana 2 – Camerino


We present the latest editorial news of Nomisma Editore, the new volume by Lorenzo Bellesia, “Studi di Numismatica Marchigiana 2 – Camerino”. The elegant volume of 203 pages is the second in the series dedicated to the Marches mints by Lorenzo Bellesia and analyzes exhaustively all the issues of the Camerino min 203 pages, completely in colour […]

Libri scontati Nomisma

May: Discounts in Nomisma’s Online Bookstore!


Nomisma’s online bookstore is currently offering May discounts on over twenty numismatic volumes. The promotion is valid until May 31st, 2023! Discounts up to 50%! Furthermore, for those attending the 136th Veronafil at Verona Fiere (from May 19 to 21, 2023), it is possible to purchase the books and have them delivered directly to the […]

“Studi di Numismatica Marchigiana 1 - Recanati” di Lorenzo Bellesia

“Studi di Numismatica Marchigiana 1 – Recanati” of Lorenzo Bellesia


We present the new volume by Lorenzo Bellesia, “Studi di Numismatica Marchigiana 1 – Recanati”, published by Ed. Nomisma 2023. Recanati’s coins were classified for the first time in 1822 from Monaldo Leopardi. In this book appears a work that reconsiders the entire coinage of Recanati chronologically ordering it from the first issue, to be […]

“La cartamoneta mai nata di San Marino” di Claudio Bugani

“San Marino’s unborn banknote” – Claudio Bugani


In this volume, Claudio Bugani, traces the history of the never-born banknote of San Marino, then making a cataloguing divided into six parts: financial documents, fixed-denomination cheques, mini-cheques, vouchers of San Marino companies, tickets that have a graphic appeal with the Republic but no territorial relevance, ending overseas, in a small city in the United […]

Summer 22

Summer Closing 2022

Our offices will be closed from August 13th until August 28. Online purchasing will be invoiced and shipped starting on August 29th. For more information please feel free to write to


Nomisma Coins Catalogue 2022 – 2023


The fourth edition of our Italian coins catalogue is ready for shipping, the catalogue lists and evaluates the coins of the following eras: • SAVOY (1730 – 1861) • ITALIAN KINGDOM (1861 – 1946) • NAPLES AND TWO SICILIES KINGDOM (1665 – 1860) • PAPAL STATES (1775 – 1870) • VATICAN COINS (1929 – 1963) […]


134th Veronafil


We will attend the next coin fair in Verona, 134th Veronafil, on Friday May 20th and Saturday May 21st (in the morning only). During the coin show we’ll present the new NOMISMA COINS CATALOGUE – 2022-2023 and the new book on Italian mini-checks I MINIASSEGNI… COME NON LI AVETE MAI VISTI by Massimo Palermo. The catalogues of our […]

Zecche e monetazione napoleonica del Regno d'Italia

Zecche e monetazione napoleonica del Regno d’Italia

The new book by Giovanni B. Vigna, Zecche e monetazione napoleonica del Regno d’Italia. Rivisitazione storico-numismatica attraverso il materiale dʼArchivio, is available. The coinage in the name of Napoleon from 1805 to 1813 of the mints of Milan, Bologna and Venice, is examined through the documents of the State Archives of Bologna. For the purchase […]

L’Onciario del Regno di Sicilia

The new book by Francesco Serio, L’Onciario del Regno di Sicilia is available. For the purchase on the Nomisma shop: • Shop online

Asta 21 E-Live L'Asta 21 E-Live si è svolta sabato 6 e domenica 7 marzo 2021 a partire dalle ore 16:00. Sono disponibili sullo shop i lotti invenduti.  • Catalogo online • Lotti invenduti • Aggiudicazioni • Registrazione  The Italian coins in the British Museum - Volume 1

The Italian coins in the British Museum – Volume 1


We present You the new editorial project “The Italian coins in the British Museum” of Edizioni D’Andrea, the first in a series of volumes on all Italian coins displayed at the British Museum of London. The time span ranges from the Lombard invasion of Italy to the Unification of the country. This first volume is […]

Le monete napoletane dei Re di Spagna

A new book on Spanish King and Naples coins


Nomisma has just published a new book by Pietro Magliocca on Naples coins: all types of the coins of the Spanish kings from 1503 to 1680 are described with color photos, rarity and valuation. The volume consists of 302 color pages, hardcover and will be shipped starting in December, 2020. The book is available for […]