Lots Consignment

Nomisma Conferimenti

On average, every year Nomisma organizes two large floor auctions, usually the first in late spring and the second in autumn. Collectors can participate in these important events, but there are also multiple options available if they prefer to send their offers.

In addition to these events, our company periodically holds live auctions, without direct participation of the public.

Due to their approximately monthly frequency, live auctions are organized quickly and in rotation in order to obtain maximum results in the shortest possible time.

By these means, items can be sold quickly, while getting the most out of the market. This is true for coins or watches worth many thousands of euros, large collections and few items as well.

Collectors wishing to sell through our auctions can contact us to make arrangements. We usually ask you to fill in a list with the material that you would like to sell at auction. Then, we will make estimates by comparing the customer’s requests with our market experience.

Once the lot consignment has been accepted, the coins will be classified by our experts who will send, upon request, our estimate proposals.

After this check, what has been awarded will be included in the first useful auction. Depending on the quality of the material or time required, the item will be added to a floor or live auction catalogue. Afterwards, the customer will receive a second list with the lot number in the catalog, so that he can follow the bids progress for his coins and then the auction.

About 40 days after the auction, the customer will receive payment for what was sold.

In order to discover our commissions and get more details about our business and departments, you can contact us: we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Taking advantage of our services is very easy and fast. For particular situations, we can carry out consultations directly at the customer’s place.